Eskdale Progress Association

The Eskdale Progress Association was re invented at a period of time when state government funding for town maintenance remained solely in the larger cities and our small but quaint town slowly lost its luster and became extremely tired looking.

A very small number of local community members made a decision to apply for the town’s maintenance contract in order to improve the town’s aesthetics. The townships of Mitta Mitta and Dartmouth also made similar decisions.

Members met on a monthly basis to manage funds received from council and organise tasks required to maintain the town. Equipment used at this stage was owned by the individuals who maintained the town. After a number of years, association members changed and with careful management, a few hardworking community members worked tirelessly, donating their time and funds back into the community and the town, building the Association as a viable organisation. The Progress Association was then able to purchase a new town mower, (in conjunction with the Eskdale Primary School), and other much needed equipment in order to continue and improve town maintenance, and release the pressure of individuals supplying their own equipment.

Through the efforts of hardworking individuals, The Eskdale Progress Association was able to make donations to support local clubs and community groups such as the junior football/cricket clubs, bowling club, Eskdale Swimming Pool, Primary School, Eskdale Hall, just to name a few.

Members of the Eskdale Progress Association donate their time, working towards a combined agreement with the Towong Shire to improve our town and local amenities.

The Annual Australia Day Breakfast Celebrations are a shared venture with Mitta Mitta and Dartmouth Progress Associations, rotating the venue each year to unite the valley as one. The Progress Association members of each town are responsible for the organisation and operation of this event in each community each year. As well as offering breakfast to community members and visitors, the Australia Day Celebration honours members of the community who have given their time and energy tirelessly over numerous years for community improvement.

Working together with organisations such as Mitta Inc and the Towong Shire the Eskdale Progress Association is now looking towards the building of tourism, infrastructure and growth of the town.

The Eskdale Information Centre is home to the War Memorial Wall which honours the men and women of the valley who enlisted to fight in the Boer War, World War 1 and 2, and the Vietnam War. The Information Centre offers toilet facilities, a BBQ area and rotunda, memorial plaque and gardens which provide a pleasant environment for visitors and community families to relax and spend time. The Annual Anzac Day March is an event which brings together locals and members of the wider community to commemorate the memories and honour those who gave so much.

Local streams and waterways such as the Little Snowy Creek and Mitta River offer opportunities of fishing and water interests, while the installment of seating, bbq areas and shade offers picturesque picnic areas in the town and along the waterways. Future additions of pathways and walking tracks will further offer visitors and community family’s ease of enjoyment to explore this beautiful town and countryside. The Eskdale Caravan Park and Eskdale Hotel offer accommodation for those interested in a longer stay and the Eskdale Hotel provides excellent meals. For those more adventurous in outdoor cooking, daily supplies and equipment are available from the local IGA or Murray Goulburn Stores; seasonal fresh produce can also be obtained from Pete’s Produce Wagon located opposite the Information Centre with proceeds donated to the Community Activity Centre.

Contact: John Fletcher

0403 588 984