Mitta Vallley Beef

Mitta Valley Beef provides discerning customers with quality, ethically farm grown meat. All our cattle are pure-bred Herefords and are fully grass fed. Mitta Valley Beef is owned by the Scales’ family from Dartmouth. We have 2 farms including Banimboola at base of Lake Dartmouth and Bellville at Mitta North, on the Mitta River.

John Scales is a fifth generation beef farmer from the beautiful Mitta Valley, in North East Victoria. The Scales’ 300 Hereford cows graze on native grasses in bush leases as well as improved rye and clover pastures. Banimboola is surrounded on three sides by state forest, offering natural protection for cows and calves in often harsh weather conditions. We have recently moved to a natural based fertiliser program. We are active members of the Mitta Valley Landcare Group. John has also been instrumental in organising a ” Growing Better Grass Group ” in the Mitta Valley, aiming at improving pasture to carry more stock and allow the Valley to be more sustainable.

You can purchase our beef on line from Mitta Valley Beef website.

Address: 1613 Dartmouth Road, Dartmouth VIC

(02) 6072 4233