Mitta Valley Mountain Bike Park Project

In 2018, members of the Mitta Valley community were successful in receiving funding to develop a Masterplan for the construction of a Mountain Bike Park in the Mitta Valley.  The Masterplan was completed, along with a multipurpose carparking area that would double as a Trailhead once funding for the park had been sought.

The development of the Masterplan involved a comprehensive community engagement process; over half the households in the Valley participated in the process and the support for the development was strong.

In 2021 Mitta Valley Inc. received 1.5 million through the Victorian State Government’s Local Economic Recovery program to deliver the first stage of the trail network.  Approximately 50% of the trail network will be developed, in addition to branding, and the establishment of a social enterprise that will assist in the expense associated with maintaining the Park.

A Steering Group has been formed to deliver the project.

The Steering Group consists of representatives from Mitta Valley Inc, Department Environment Land Water and Planning (DELWP), Towong Shire Council, Tourism North East, Bushfire Recovery Victoria, Landcare, local commercial operators, mountain bike enthusiasts and community members.

The Steering Group Terms of Reference can be found here: Terms of Reference

News and Updates

The Steering Group is committed to keeping Mitta Valley residents informed on the Park development.

To date the exact alignment of the trail network has not been established; this will not be known until such time a Cultural Heritage Management Plan and other assessments have been undertaken.  As the project progresses, the Steering group will advise the community of developments.  Updates can be found below.

Mitta Valley Mountain Bike Park – Media Release 15 February 2024

Media Release – 15/02/2024 Mitta Valley Inc. in conjunction with the Mitta Valley Mountain Bike Park Steering Group, continue to edge forward in delivering the Mountain Bike Park. A draft social enterprise business plan was completed in the second half of 2023. Activities within the business plan will assist the group generate income associated with maintaining the future Park. An …

Stage 1 Trail Alignments

Stage 1 Trail Alignments

Mitta Valley Mountain Bike Park – Social Enterprise Development

Media Release – 05/05/2023 Following a lengthy process, the Mitta Valley Mountain Bike Park Cultural Heritage Management Plan has been completed.  Similarly, a Native Vegetation Assessment was recently completed that has determined the cost of offsetting biodiversity loses associated with the construction of the proposed trail network.  The purchase of a vegetation offset is to ensure there are zero loses …

Mitta Mountain Bike Park – planning studies near completion

Media Release – 11/11/2022 Autumn and Winter saw progress on the Mitta Mountain Bike Park slow due to poor weather and industry pressures on environmental consultants. The on-ground planning has now been completed and the Project Steering Group are awaiting the environmental reports. As part of the planning works undertaken, final alignments for Stage One of the trail construction were …

Expressions of Interest – Project Manager.

23/09/2021 The Mitta Valley Project Steering Group is seeking expressions of interest from suitably experienced or qualified project managers to oversee the development of the Park. Contact us for more information

Media Release – Mitta Mountain Bike Park 30th August 2021

Media Release – 30/08/2021 Mitta Valley Inc. is pleased to advise that a Project Steering Group has been formed to oversee the delivery of the Mitta Valley Mountain Bike Park development.   The Group consists of stakeholders from the Mitta Valley community, Towong Shire Council, Tourism North East and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.  The Group met …

Media Release – Mitta Mountain Bike Park 17th August 2021

Media Release – 19/08/2021 Mitta Valley Inc. is pleased to be delivering the Mitta Mountain Bike Park with support from the Victorian State Government.  A Project Steering Group has been formed that will oversee the construction of the Park.  The skill-based steering group consists of representation from the Mitta Valley community, Bushfire Recovery Victoria, Tourism North East, DEWLP and the …

Mitta Valley Mountain Bike Park Project Steering Committee

The Project Steering Group provides a community-focused approach, ensure delivery and the achievement of project outcomes.
The group’s members will be responsible for informing and monitoring project delivery.

Further information on what the Steering Group entails can be obtained from Kerissa Heritage, Towong Shire Council or 0428 568 156.