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Mitta Mountain Bike Park – planning studies near completion

Media Release – 11/11/2022

Autumn and Winter saw progress on the Mitta Mountain Bike Park slow due to poor weather and industry pressures on environmental consultants. The on-ground planning has now been completed and the Project Steering Group are awaiting the environmental reports.
As part of the planning works undertaken, final alignments for Stage One of the trail construction were assessed by a trail builder contractor in conjunction with a cultural heritage and environmental consultant. The final trail alignments will avoid areas of cultural sensitivity and minimise any impact to environmental values.
Feedback received via community consultation was considered in development of the final trail alignments. The conceptual trail alignments linking the network to the heart of the township via the Pioneer Mine and behind Hedley Lane have been discarded.
Community feedback has also ensured the trail network will not use any existing walking trails or access roads. Points where mountain bike trails cross other trails have been kept to an absolute minimum and are located where cycle speeds will be slow and other users’ safely visible. Signage will ensure that walkers and horse riders have right of way at these crossing points.
As part of the statutory planning permit process, a Cultural Heritage Management Plan and a Vegetation Assessment have been undertaken. The Vegetation Assessment report will demonstrate the value of native vegetation offset required to ensure there is a positive environmental net gain from the trail development.
In consultation with DELWP, the trail alignments have allowed for the possible future expansion of the Mitta Mitta walking trails with the possibility of shared infrastructure such as rest stops and viewing platforms.
Consultation with DELWP has raised an opportunity for consideration; to have the mountain bike and walking trail signage integrated at the trailhead. This would ensure clear and concise messaging to all user groups and raise the profile of the existing walking trail network.
Map sets of the final trail alignments can be found as below.


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