The Witches Garden

The Witches Garden is hosted by Felicity and Lew McDonald who created this beautiful garden of which they care with love and patience and began more than thirty years ago.

Felicity is an artist and the designer of these outstanding gardens. There is a Gallery of her art work in the garden and guests can take a tour of her private up stairs studio.

She is also very knowledgeable about the plants in the garden, especially their medicinal uses in history. You can book a tour of the garden where Felicity will explain what was used in the past to treat illness’s such as migraine, skin cancer, asthma even baldness.*

Lewis is Felicity’s very tolerant husband who cleverly learnt to say ‘Yes’ the first time. He operates a Laser controlled earth moving business and is often away. Felicity wishes he were home more often as the longer he stays away the longer grows her list of jobs for him to do.

Lew is responsible for landscaping the garden into different levels and creating the lake. A supremely useful fellow he also welded together the Monet bridge, built the life size medieval witches cottage and cemented the design for the parterre garden.

* all information on medicinal plants is purely referencing past practices and not to be used without first consulting your doctor.

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Take a self guided tour or join the resident botanist/herbalist and explore the gardens to learn about the healing properties of common and unusual plants.


The Witches Garden also have art gallery that you can view paintings by local artists.


The Witches Garden has luxury bed and breakfast or guest house that suit your needs.


Riversong Bed & BreakfastThe Witches Garden Guest House


Felicity & Lew McDonald

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